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Welcome to Coral Fanatics!! We hope you enjoy our corals for sale. Over the years, we have collected some of the finest corals available, and keep them growing in our state of the art farming system. We will pack your live corals the last minute before they are rushed off for shipping at 5:00. We maintain our web site daily, and are always available to handle any questions you might have regarding our stock and availability. We constantly monitor our E-mail, and encourage you to send a message regarding any question you might have.
Located in Nampa, Idaho, Coral Fanatics' facility incorporates 2000 gallons of reef. Our corals for sale are a mix of aqua-cultured and wild caught colonies kept under 400 watt and 250 watt radium metal halides driven by PFO HQI ballasts which we believe to provide the best coloration of our corals. We specialize in Zoanthids, and grow hundreds of colonies for re-sale. We collect some of the best around, and keep these corals growing for sale.

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