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Next to Zoanthids, Ricordeas are one of Coral Fanatics favorite corals. We specialze in Florida Ricordea and Caribbean Ricordea, and collect the best varieties available. Coloration of these great anemone mushrooms can be amazing! They thrive under medium to intense lighting and do best in lower to moderate water flow. Ricordeas also do well when feed meaty foods such as brine shrimp or mysis shrimp.

To place an order, please use our shopping cart. Do not forget to add shipping upon check-out. Once the first order is placed and shipping is paid, we will hold pieces for upto 10 days if you would like to wait to finish an order. Please state what day you would like your order shipped in the notes on the checkout page. We will not hold orders without the shipping paid. Thanks!

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Our package deals on ricordeas are an assorment of what we currently have. We are happy to send you a WYSIWYG picture. We also pack and ship your orders with care, just like we're sending them to dear 'ol mom.
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"Best of the Best" Coral Fanatics Ricodeas- Collectors Edition

Ricordea 5 pk. $60
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Ricordea 15 pk. $165
Ricordea 25 pk. $262.50

Ricordea 50 pk. $500

Ricordea 100 pk. $950

Like us on facebook for a chance to win a free ricordea 5 pack monthly!
Here are some of our sold favorites
All ricordeas packs are an assortment of all colors we have on hand. Pictures above are representation of the ricordeas in stock that you may recieve. An equal amount of all colors will be included in your order along with as many rares as we can spare.
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Care And Placement For Ricordeas
Ricordeas are an extremely hardy, soft coral found in the Florida waters off the coast of Florida. They are typically found at depths of up to 50 feet in slightly higher nutrient waters than that of an Acropora dominate reef. In the aquarium, ricordeas thrive in less light intense conditions with slightly nutrient rich water. VHO and power compact lighting provide perfect lighting. Metal halides can also be used to light ricordeas if they are kept under overhangs and at the bottom of the tank. Ricordeas also like lower water flow, where they can strech out thier tentacles and feed off zooplankton slowly drifting by. Running heavy protien skimming, carbon, phosphate absorbing material and heavy macro-algae, can strip the water of nutrients. Periodic feeding of meaty foods will be appreciated under these conditions where acropora dominant tanks are kept along with ricordeas.

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